Merel was born in a small town in the Netherlands 30 years ago and has visited Ibiza for years until she got offered a job opportunity on the island and made the final move 5 years ago.
She has been working in Ibiza’s event industry since she arrived. Starting as a producer for Space Ibiza, managing two events a week, she hit the ground running. Her network grew and she was quickly known as the go-to person for ‘getting things done on the island’. Now she is in business for herself under the name BLCKBRD. She knows the event and service industry of Ibiza inside and out and enjoys the challenges and tasks of her work. 
On Ibiza, Merel handles corporate and private events, weddings, group travel, incentives as well as private holidays that may require detailed needs such as boats, vip reservations and PA services.All the villas for her clients, Merel books at Resa Victoria. She also arranges travel planning and management for clients that require her services on an international level. To find out more about her, take a look at her website at


Fines for room rental

Fines for room rental

MADRID - The Ministry of Development of Spain has announced in a press conference that there is a new law took effect immediately passed prohibiting the subletting rooms.

By subletting rooms will be placed a fine between 600 and 3,000 euros. How the government intends to monitor the subleases not yet known. But when multiple surnames are registered at one address will lead to possible action.

The measure is justified on the grounds that it is a disguised tax evasion. The big question now is how the government will deal with them as couples who are not married are registered together in one place.


Tourist tax accepted

Tourist tax accepted

IBIZA - The controversial tourist tax for visitors to Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera takes concrete forms. The leftist government of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands Friday in Palma de Mallorca approved a similar bill.

The so-called eco-tax, estimated annually would yield around 80 million euro, will be already charged in May or June and up to two euros per tourist per night amounts. The final decision by the regional parliament is considered by the absolute majority of the leftist coalition as a formality. Every holidaymaker from 16 years who stay in a tourist residence, it will have to pay depending on the time of year and the category of between 0.25 and 2 euros per night. From the eleventh night will halve the contribution.

Especially hotel owners and entrepreneurs, but also fierce criticism municipalities had filed against the plan and a total of 42 official objections. The hoteliers indicated that once the Act is passed, they plan to start his complaints against the local tax. With the income will encourage the Government of the Socialist Francina Armengol environmental protection and sustainable tourism.

Opponents have huge doubts about this spending and think that it is only an additional source of income for the government of the Balearic Islands. Hoteliers also fear competition from hotels on mainland Spain where the new tax is not applicable.


Wooden lights for the table or wall !

Well first let’s introduce ourselves:

 We are Wendy and Bart  and have recently started our own business in making driftwood lighting.

 More and more we see products made from wood coming back into homes. This gave us the idea to bring nature back in a unique lifestyle product.

 At this time we have for sale:

 Wall lights 25-40cm

 Table lights 15-30cm

 The indicated dimensions relate to the driftwood pieces used excluding lamp and shade.

We can offer the lighting starting from €79,95 (including taxes)

 If you are interested in our products please feel free to contact us.


 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">


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